Bathymicrops regis Hjort & Koefoed 1912

Illustration of Bathymicrops regis. Source: Sulak, in Smith & Heemstra (1986) Smith's Sea Fishes / Biodiversity Heritage Library. License: CC by Attribution


A very slender pale brownish ipnopid with a series of 6-8 indistinct dark bands along the body, and very small vestigial eyes positioned laterally above the upper jaw and covered with scales.

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Bathymicrops regis Hjort & Koefoed 1912

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South of Christmas Island in the eastern Indian Ocean, depth 4766 m. Elsewhere the species is circumglobal in tropical and warm temperate seas (except for eastern Pacific). Inhabits soft sediment areas on the abyssal plain.


Dorsal fin 8-10; Anal fin 12-15; Pectoral fin 9-10; Pelvic fin 8; Caudal fin (principal rays) 15-18; Gill rakers (well-developed on first arch) 10-14; Lateral-line scales ~65-75; Vertebrae 22-23 + 42-47 = 65-69; Branchiostegal rays 8-9; .
Body very slender, elongate; eyes visible, very small, vestigial, covered with scales, positioned more or less laterally above upper jaw; jaws elongate, covered with shagreen-like bands of minute teeth; gill rakers well developed. 
Top and sides of head, and body entirely scaled.
Pectoral and pelvic fins inserted well in advance of dorsal fin.


Feeds on small benthopelagic crustaceans.


Spiderfishes (family Ipnopidae) are simultaneous hermaphrodites. Individuals have an ovotestis containing functional male and female reproductive tissue. 

Species Citation

Bathymicrops regis Hjort & Koefoed, in Murray & Hjort 1912, The depths of the ocean: 88 et seq., Fig. 305. Type locality: West of Canary Islands, 28°54'N, 24°14'W, station 48, about 5000 m (8750 m wire out). 


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Bathymicrops regis Hjort & Koefoed 1912


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CAAB Code:37123015


Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:3000-5782 m

Habitat:Abyssal plain

Max Size:12 cm SL

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