Razor Moonfish, Mene maculata (Bloch & Schneider 1801)

Other Names: Moonfish, Moon-fish, Razor Trevally

Razor Moonfish, Mene maculata, at Chumphon dive site, Koh Tao, Thailand, May 2011. Source: Tine Kinn Kvamme / Fishbase. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial


Identifying features:
Body very deep, extremely compressed,, disc-like with a sharp, keel-like breast;
Anal fin low, very long-based, extending from pelvic fin base to caudal peduncle;
Mouth small, protrusible, almost vertical;
Pelvic fins elongate, caudal fin deeply forked;
Deep metallic blue or greenish-blue above with large greyish-blue spots, sides and bely silvery.

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Razor Moonfish, Mene maculata (Bloch & Schneider 1801)

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Recorded in Australian waters from off Denham, Western Australia to off the Clarence River, New South Wales. Elsewhere, widespread in the Indo-west-central Pacific.

A schooling species found in coastal waters, usually near the bottom although it may enter estuaries.


Carnivore - feeds on small invertebrates.


Sometimes targeted, although usually taken as bycatch in commercial trawls and beach seines in many parts of its range. The flesh is of excellent quality and is sold fresh and dried.


  • EPBC Act 1999 : Not listed
  • IUCN Red List : Not Evaluated
  • Species Citation

    Zeus maculata Bloch & SSchneider, 1801, Systema Ichthyolog: 95, pl. 22. Type locality: Tranquebar, India.


    Dianne J. Bray

    Razor Moonfish, Mene maculata (Bloch & Schneider 1801)


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    Quick Facts

    CAAB Code:37340001

    Depth:0-200 m

    Fishing:Commercial fish

    Habitat:coastal, pelagic, benthopelagic

    Max Size:30 cm

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