Bastard Trumpeter, Latridopsis forsteri (Castelnau 1872)

Other Names: Copper Moki, Red Bastard Trumpeter, Red, White and Silver Bastard Trumpeter, Silver Bastard Trumpeter, Silver Trumpeter, Trumpeter, White Bastard Trumpeter

Bastard Trumpeter, Latridopsis forsteri, at Eaglehawk, Tasmania, February 2017. Source: John Turnbull / Flickr. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

A moderately deep-bodied trumpeter with a narrow tail base, low dorsal and anal fins, a deeply notched dorsal fin, a deeply forked caudal fin, and a bluntly pointed pectoral fin with the upper rays longest. Bastard Trumpeter are silvery-grey with greenish-brown to coppery-coloured markings and irregular lines on head and upper sides, and brownish fins with dark margins.

Video of a Bastard Trumpeter at the wreck of the HMAS Adelaide, off Avoca Beach, New South Wales, 25 March 2013, depth 27 m.

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Bastard Trumpeter, Latridopsis forsteri (Castelnau 1872)

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Port Stephens, New South Wales, to Victor Harbor, South Australia, and around Tasmania. Elsewhere the species occurs in New Zealand.
Large adults usually form small schools on deeper exposed reefs, although large schools numbering thousands have been seen by divers. The small thin and transparent juveniles, called 'paper fish', form schools over shallow rocky reefs.


Dorsal fin  XVII, 37-42; Anal fin III, 31-37; Caudal fin 17; Pectoral fin 16-19; Pelvic fin I, 5; Lateral line (onto caudal fin) 101-113; Vertebrae 14 + 21.

Body rather long, compressed, moderately deep; caudal peduncle narrow; dorsal and anal fins low, dorsal fin deeply notched; caudal fin deeply forked; pectoral fin bluntly pointed, upper rays longest.


 To 65 cm SL.


Silvery-grey, with irregular greenish-brown to coppery-colored lines and markings on the head and above the lateral line, a black margin on the pectoral and caudal fins, and a yellowish-white eye.


Feeds on a range of benthic invertebrates including gastropod and bivalve molluscs, crustaceans, polychaete worms and brittle stars.


A popular commercial and angling fish, taken in commercial gill nets and occasionally caught on rod and line. Regarded as an excellent table fish.

Species Citation

Latris forsteri Castelnau, 1872, Proc. Zool. Acclim. Soc. Vict. 1: 77. Type locality: Gippsland Coast, Victoria.


Bray, D.J. 2019


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Bastard Trumpeter, Latridopsis forsteri (Castelnau 1872)


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CAAB Code:37378002

Depth:2-60 m

Fishing:Commercial, recreational fish

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:70 cm TL

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