Royal Gemfish, Rexea prometheoides (Bleeker 1856)

Other Names: Prometheus Gemfish, Royal Escolar

Little is known about the biology of the Royal Gemfish.

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Royal Gemfish, Rexea prometheoides (Bleeker 1856)

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from 135 to 540 m


Indo-west Pacific distribution. In northern Australian waters it is known to occur between Shark Bay (WA) and Cooloangatta (QLD), though it is absent from the Gulf of Carpentaria. An oceanic species, bentho- and mesopelagic, found at depths of 135 to 540 m.


D XVIII-XIX, 0, 1, 14-17; A II, 12-15; P 12-14.

Pelvic fins reduced to tiny single spine in juveniles, absent in adults. Second dorsal and anal fins followed by two finlets. Body elongate and compressed. Body depth 5-6 times into standard length. Head length 3.1-3.4 times into standard length. Lower jaw protrudes, both jaws without dermal processes. Five or six pairs of fang-like teeth in upper jaw. One pair of fang-like teeth in lower jaw. Lateral line bifurcated below fourth to fifth first dorsal fin spine, the upper lateral line reaches middle to end of second dorsal fin base, lower lateral line midlateral to caudal fin origin. Body naked, except for a large stripe of tiny scales extending forward from caudal peduncle to below middle of first dorsal fin base.


To at least 40 cm.


Body greyish with silvery tint. Fins hyaline except first dorsal fin with black spot on first fin membrane, second dorsal fin black or grey.






Of no interest to fisheries.



Species Citation

Thyrsites prometheoides Bleeker1856, Acta Societatis Regiae Scientiarum Indo-Neêrlandicae 1: 42, Ambon Island, Moluccas Islands, Indonesia [as Amboina].


Schultz, S.

Royal Gemfish, Rexea prometheoides (Bleeker 1856)


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