Common name: Dories, Buckler Dories



Members of the family Zeidae are very compressed deep-bodied fishes with large heads, very large protrusible mouths and long fin spines.

Dories have large bony bucklers at the bases of the dorsal and anal fins and along the ventral surface of the abdomen. Species are commmercially important.

Key to the Australian ZEIDAE genera.

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Family Taxonomy

Tyler et al. (2003) restricted the Zeidae to include two genera with five species. Both genera and three described species are known from Australia.

Family Distribution

Dories or buckler dories are benthic on the continental shelf and slope, and trawled commercially to depths of 600 m. One species enters bays and harbours.

Family Description

Zeids are characterised by having large buckler scales along the bases of the dorsal and anal fins, as well as along the ventral midline from the isthmus to the anus. They have an ovoid, laterally compressed body, large, highly protrusible jaws and small to moderate-sized eyes.

Family Size

Maximum length attained is 70 cm.

Family Feeding

Carnivores with highly protrusible jaws used to capture their prey of fishes and crustaceans.

Family Reproduction

The sexes are separate and fertilisation is external.

Family Commercial

They are important food fishes, both in Australia overseas.


Dianne J. Bray


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