Genus Sirembo

A genus of the ophidiid subfamily Neobythitinae having the body rather robust with dorsal fin origin above vertebrae 1–5; fully scaled head and body; large eyes, almost equal to length of snout; pelvic fins with two rays in each bound together with tough skin; no spines on preopercle; opercular spine short, not reaching rear margin of head; 3–5 long rakers on anterior gill arch; 18–40 pseudobranchial filaments; a single median basibranchial tooth patch; teeth granular, also present on palatines; precaudal vertebrae 13–15; dorsal rim of otolith and of large sulcus almost straight. Coloration variable with black spots and/or ocelli on dorsal fin, median part of anal fin often with black band, body and/or head with oblique or horizontal dark bands or horizontal rows of rather large dark spots.
Author: Dianne J. Bray

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Nielsen, J.G., Schwarzhans, W. & Uiblein, F. 2014. Review of the Indo-West Pacific ophidiid genera Sirembo and Spottobrotula (Ophidiiformes, Ophidiidae), with descriptions of three new species. Marine Biology Research 11(2): 113-134. PDF