Genus Allenichthys


An anglerfish genus with single species found only in southern and western Australia.

Characteristics: caudal peduncle absent; skin covered with short close-set bifurcated spinules; eyes not distinctly surrounded by separate clusters of dermal spinules; illicium long, more than twice length of 2nd spine; esca a single stout appendage, completely covered in hair-like filaments.

Second and 3rd dorsal-fin spines separate, covered with skin; 2nd spine positioned above eye, unusually short, recurved and constricted at tip, covered with thick skin, but not connected to head by membrane; 3rd spine on nape, connected posteriorly along full length to body by thick membrane; rear margin of dorsal and anal fins extending beyond base of caudal fin and connecting to proximal portion of outermost rays.

Author: Bray, D.J. 2020

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