Genus Diaphus

The largest genus in the family Myctophidae, with more than 75 species, and more than 30 species in Australian waters. Species of Diaphus have the greatest development and diversity of light organs in the family.
The genus is circumglobal in temperate and tropical latitudes, mostly in mesopelagic habitats.

Characteristics: Light organs around eyes, Dn, Vn, So, Ant, and Suo (rarely); luminous ‘scale’ near pectoral-fin base usually present, supracaudal and infracaudal luminous organs absent; jaw length variable, extending from less than half to more than one eye diameter behind orbit.. 
Author: Bray, D.J. 2022

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Nafpaktitis, B.G. 1978. Systematics and distribution of the genera Lobianchia and Diaphus (Myctophidae) in the Indian Ocean. Los Angeles County Natural History Museum Science Bulletin 30: 1-92.