Genus Heptranchias

A widely-distributed monotypic genus with a narrow head, a tapering snout, length more than 1.5 times internarial space; horizontal diameter of eye considerably greater than internarial space; upper teeth fang-like, with slender oblique cusp, lower teeth comb-like with 6–10 cusps, 2nd distinctly longer than others, distinctive median tooth in lower jaw but not upper; 7 pairs of gill openings.
Author: William T. White

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White, W.T. 2008. Shark Families Heterodontidae to Pristiophoridae. pp. 32-100 in Gomon. M.F., Bray, D.J. & Kuiter, R.H (eds). Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast. Sydney : Reed New Holland 928 pp.