Pale Spotted Catshark, Asymbolus pallidus Last, Gomon & Gledhill 1999

A Pale Spotted Catshark, Asymbolus pallidus. Source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: CC BY Attribution

A small tropical catshark.

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Pale Spotted Catshark, Asymbolus pallidus Last, Gomon & Gledhill 1999

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Off north-eastern Australia, off Swains Reefs in the Coral Sea to off Bundaberg, Queensland. Although the depth range is 25-420 m, the Pale Spotted Catshark is uncommon in shallower waters.


Males mature at 32 cm TL, and females mature at 35 cm TL, with the smallest pregnant female at 36 cm TL. Females produce two egg cases, one in each uterus, and the pups hatch at about 19 cm TL.


Infrequently caught and discarded as bycatch in the Queensland East Coast Trawl Fishery (deepwater component of the eastern king prawn sector).

Species Citation

Asymbolus pallidus Last, Gomon & Gledhill 1999, CSIRO Marine Laboratory. Report 239:  24, fig. 2. Type locality: east of Rockhampton, Queensland [22°52.9´S, 152°42.3´E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Pale Spotted Catshark, Asymbolus pallidus Last, Gomon & Gledhill 1999


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CAAB Code:37015025

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern



Max Size:47cm TL


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