Gaper Snake Eel, Neenchelys cheni (Chen and Weng 1967)

Other Names: Chen's worm eel

Gaper Snake Eel, Neenchelys cheni, NMMB-P12505, 350 mm TL, Danang, Vietnam, with arrows indicating the origin of the dorsal and anal fins. Source: Hsuan-Ching Ho, John E McCosker & David G Smith. 2013. Zoological Studies 2013, 52:58. License: CC by Attribution


A rare snake eel with the dorsal-fin origin relatively posterior, above or slightly behind the anal-fin origin; a moderately elongate, relatively compressed body; pectoral fin of moderate size, shorter than snout length; snout relatively long; single median temporal and interorbital pores.

Although specimens collected in Australia were taken in bottom trawls, most specimens in Taiwan have been collected by midwater trawl together with many mesopelagic fishes, suggesting that adults have a pelagic lifestyle. Most snake-eels usually live in burrows.

The Gaper Snake Eel was previously called Neenchelys retropinna in Australia.

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Gaper Snake Eel, Neenchelys cheni (Chen and Weng 1967)

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Recorded in Australia from the Bonaparte Archipelago, north Western Australia, to the Arafura Sea, Northern Territory. Found elsewhere in the tropical Indo-west Pacific - southern Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Oman.


In preservative: pale brown, slightly darker above, fins pale, dorsal and anal fins darker around tail tip.


Until the revision of the genus Neenchelys by Ho et al. (2013), this species was called Neenchelys retropinna in Australia, a junior synonym of N. cheni.

Species Citation

Myrophis cheni Chen & Weng, 1967, Biol. Bull. Tunghai Univ. (Ichthyol.) 6 32: 39, Fig. 29. Type locality: Tungkang, Taiwan.


Dianne J. Bray

Gaper Snake Eel, Neenchelys cheni (Chen and Weng 1967)


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CAAB Code:37068027

Depth:50-200 m

Habitat:Benthic, soft bottom - or mesopelagic

Max Size:35 cm TL

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