Bean's Sawtooth Eel, Serrivomer beanii Gill & Ryder 1883

Other Names: Bean's Sawtoothed Eel, Stout Sawpalate

Bean's Sawtooth Eel, Serrivomer beanii. Source: St. Lawrence Global Observatory-SLGO,, (2015); © CNozeres (MPODFO Canada). License: CC By Attribution

A very slender brown to blackish eel with an iridescent silvery sheen, a beak-like snout, and the dorsal fin originating behind the anus.

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Bean's Sawtooth Eel, Serrivomer beanii Gill & Ryder 1883

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Southern Australia, from off Sydney to about off Perth, Western Australia. Elsewhere the species is widespread in all major oceans.


Dorsal fin 142-173; Anal fin 122-136; Caudal fin 5-6.
Dorsal fin origin behind anus; vomerine teeth enlarged, about 3-4 times as long as wide, forming a saw-toothed row; anterior tips of the first 4-5 branchiostegal rays extending beyond the articulation with the hyoid arch.


Undertakes nightly vertical migrations to  feed on shrimps, other crustaceans and small fishes.


Species Citation

Serrivomer beanii Gill & Ryder 1883, Proceedings of the United States National Museum 6: 261. Type locality: Off northeastern U.S.A., 41°40'30"N, 66°35'00"W, Albatross station 2075, depth 0-855 fathoms.


Bray, D.J. 2022


Atlas of Living Australia

Bean's Sawtooth Eel, Serrivomer beanii Gill & Ryder 1883


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Tighe, K. 2015. Serrivomer beanii. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2015: e.T190315A1947540. Accessed on 27 October 2022.

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CAAB Code:37075001

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:0-6000 m


Max Size:78 cm TL

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