Oxeye Oreodory, Oreosoma atlanticum Cuvier 1829

Other Names: Ox Eyed Dory, Ox-eyed Dory, Oxeyed Oreo, Ox-eyed Oreo, Pine-cone Dory

An Oxeye Oreodory, Oreosoma atlanticum. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

Adults are uniformly brown, with darker greyish-brown fin membranes, and black gill membranes. The striking prejuveniles are a silvery blackish-violet with greenish-silvery cones and irregular blotches on the back.

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Oxeye Oreodory, Oreosoma atlanticum Cuvier 1829

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Off Brisbane, Queensland, around southern Australia including Tasmania, to off Jurien Bay, Western Australia. Elsewhere, the species is southern circumglobal (except South America).


Dorsal fin VI-VII, 28-31; Anal fin III, 27-30; Pectoral fin 19-20; Pelvic fin I, 7: Caudal fin 13; Lateral line scales ~100.
Body moderately deep, rhomboidal, compressed; caudal peduncle narrow. Head large, predorsal profile concave, rising sharply before origin of dorsal fin; eyes very large, diameter more than twice postorbital distance; mouth very large and protrusible, upper jaw longer than snout; minute conical teeth present on jaws; operculum with strong transverse spiny crest. 
Scales on body cycloid, weakly attached, partially covering operculum but not on snout, those on nape, isthmus and ventral margin of abdomen before anus ctenoid and firmly attached; scales at bases of dorsal and anal fins ctenoid, firmly attached and slightly enlarged; few enlarged scales present below anterior dorsal-fin spines; lateral line arched markedly anteriorly. 
Dorsal fin in two parts, comprising short-based, spinous first dorsal adjacent long-based, low soft dorsal; first dorsal spine short, second spine longest, less than or equal to longest soft dorsal-fin rays; spines in all fins stout; anal fin similar to and opposite soft dorsal fin; caudal fin small, rounded. Pectoral fins small. Pelvic fins originating at midbelly; pelvic-fin spine extending to soft portion of anal fin.

Species Citation

Oreosoma atlanticum Cuvier, 1829, in: Cuvier and Valenciennes, Hist. Nat. Poiss., 4: 515, pl. 94. Type locality: Atlantic.


Bray, D.J. 2016


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Oxeye Oreodory, Oreosoma atlanticum Cuvier 1829


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CAAB Code:37266002

Depth:450-1946 m


Max Size:21 cm TL

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