Morrison's Mudbrotula, Dermatopsoides morrisonae Møller & Schwarzhans 2006

The holotype of Morrison's Mudbrotula, Dermatopsoides morrisonae, WAM P.28292-010, from Lucky Bay, Western Australia.. Source: Barry Hutchins / Western Australian Museum. License: All rights reserved

A very small secretive bythitid with dark dorsal and anal fins.

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Morrison's Mudbrotula, Dermatopsoides morrisonae Møller & Schwarzhans 2006

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Off Esperance, Western Australia. Inhabits inshore rocky reefs.


Dorsal fin 72-76; Anal fin 52-54; Vertebrae 13-14 + 28-31 = 42-44. 
Scales present on body; dorsal and anal fins dark; snout terminal; lower lip with skin folds; ventral fin length 15.8-18.5 % SL; posterior nostril moderately small, more than half the size of eye; lower preopercular pores 3, small; weak ventral spine on maxilla positioned behind rear of eye.


The species is named morrisonae for Sue Morrison of the Western Australian Museum, Perth.

Species Citation

Dermatopsoides morrisonae Møller & Schwarzhans 2006, The Beagle 22: 60, figs. 6, 17, 18. Type locality: Lucky Bay, WA, 7-10 m. [34°00'S, 122°14'E]. 


Dianne J. Bray


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Morrison's Mudbrotula, Dermatopsoides morrisonae Møller & Schwarzhans 2006


Møller, P.R. & Schwarzhans, W. 2006. Review of the Dinematichthyini (Teleostei, Bythitidae) of the Indo-west Pacific. Part II. Dermatopsis, Dermatopsoides and Dipulus with description of six new species. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 22: 39-76.

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CAAB Code:37228098

Biology:Live bearer

Depth:5-10 m

Max Size:3 cm SL


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