Western Shovelnose Ray, Aptychotrema vincentiana (Haacke 1885)

Other Names: Guitar Fish, Shovelnose Shark, Southern Shovelnose Ray, Southern Shovel-nose Ray, Southern Shovelnose-ray, Yellow Shovelnose Ray
A Western Shovelnose Ray resting on the bottom in a seagrass bed.

Western Shovelnose Ray, Aptychotrema vincentiana. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

A yellowish-brown ray covered in cloudy blotches, with usually a brown "mask" around the eyes, and a whitish underside with dark fleck. Juveniles and some adults have a small dark blotch on the tip of the snout.

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Western Shovelnose Ray, Aptychotrema vincentiana (Haacke 1885)

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Kent Island, Tasmania, to Port Hedland, Western Australia. Commonly occurs in shallow sheltered bays and estuaries off South Australia and Western Australia.


Vertebrae 167-171.
Body elongate, depressed, tapering posteriorly, with ridge-like lateral skin folds past ventral fins; precaudal pits absent. Disc formed by union of head and pectoral fins wedge-shaped, shorter than body posterior to it; snout elongate, rather pointed, length to mouth about three times mouth width;  eyes small;  spiracle without skin folds; mouth moderately arched; teeth of equal size; five pairs of gill slits on underside of head. Midline of disc behind eyes with a row of smaller thorns extending posteriorly to second dorsal fin; orbital and shoulder thorns present.
Two widely separate, prominent dorsal fins posteriorly on back behind disc, both behind pelvic fins; second smaller than first; anal fin absent; caudal fin without well developed lower lobe.  


Dorsal surface greyish-brown or yellowish;  a broad dark suborbital bar extending from margin of disc to each eye; several large dark blotches on body; juveniles often lacking dark markings; ventral surface whitish.

Similar Species

The similar Aptychotrema rostrata differs in having a slightly longer snout, and in lacking dark blotches and the "mask" around the eyes.

Species Citation

Rhinobatus vincentianus Haake 1885, Zool. Anz. 8: 488-509. Type locality: St. Vincents Gulf, South Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Western Shovelnose Ray, Aptychotrema vincentiana (Haacke 1885)


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Max Size:84 cm TL


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