Silver Dory, Cyttus australis (Richardson 1843)

Other Names: Australian Silver Dory, Bastard Dory, Boarfish, Red Dory, Sun Dory

A Silver Dory, Cyttus australis, caught in Western Port, Victoria. Source: Danny Goldman. License: All rights reserved

Body silvery-pink, very compressed, with a large protrusible mouth, a tall spinous dorsal fin and pinkish to reddish fins with darker margins. The scales are rough to touch.

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Silver Dory, Cyttus australis (Richardson 1843)

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Endemic to southeastern and southern Australia from about Newcastle, New South Wales, to the Great Australian Bight, Western Australia, including around Tasmania. The Silver Dory is benthopelagic on the continental shelf.


Meristic features: Dorsal-fin VIII-IX; 27-30: Anal fin II, 28-31; Caudal fin 13; Pectoral fin 11; Pelvic fin I, 6; Lateral line scales 77-88.

Body deep, subrhombic in juveniles to oval in adults; body scales ctenoid, rough to touch, firmly attached; 15–17 scales between highest point of lateral line and spinous dorsal fin.


Body rosy-silver; membrane of spinous dorsal fin and pelvic fins red with a blackish margin; anterior 1/3 of caudal fin red, fin margin black; fins otherwise pink.


Commercially trawled on a small scale in Australia and taken mainly as a bycatch of inshore trawling and Danish seines off New South Wales and Victoria - including in the blue grenadier fishery. Some fish are also caught off Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. The flesh is of good quality, though not considered to be exceptional.

Species Citation

Capros australis Richardson, 1843, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 1 11(69): 170.
Type locality: Port Arthur, Tasmania


Dianne J. Bray

Silver Dory, Cyttus australis (Richardson 1843)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37264002

Depth:20-235 m

Fishing:Commercial fish

Habitat:Continental shelf, near bottom

Max Size:50 cm SL


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