Centroselachus crepidater (Bocage & Capello 1864)

Other Names: Black Shark, Deepwater Dogfish, Golden Dogfish, Longnose Dogfish, Longnose Velvet Dogfish, Roughskin Dogfish, Smallspine Dogfish

A Golden Dogfish, Centroselachus crepidater. Source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: CC BY Attribution


A slender dogfish with a long snout, notable for its long upper labial furrows, which are so long they nearly meet at the anterior ends. Uniformly dark brown-black.

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Centroselachus crepidater (Bocage & Capello 1864)

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From Crowdy Head (New South Wales) to Perth (Western Australia), including Tasmania. Also found in the eastern Atlantic, Indian Ocean, eastern Pacific, and western Pacific.


A slender dark brown-black dogfish, with a long (pre-oral) snout and notable for long upper labial furrows, nearly meeting at the anterior ends. Large dorsal fins with small dorsal fin spines, spines thin with only tips protruding from skin. Pectoral fins paddle shaped.


Feeds on cephalopods and fish.


A viviparous (probably matrotrophic) species, with litters averaging 6-9 young. Males mature at 9 years of age and 60 cm, females mature at 20 years of age and 80 cm.


Wood, D.R. 2018

Centroselachus crepidater (Bocage & Capello 1864)


Irvine, S.B. & Stevens, J.D. & Laurenson, L. 2006. Surface bands on deepwater squalid dorsal-fin spines: an alternative method for ageing Centroselachus crepidater. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63 (3): 617-627.

Last, P.R. & Stevens, J.D. 2009. Sharks and Rays of Australia. Collingwood : CSIRO Publishing Australia 2, 550 pp.

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CAAB Code:37020012

Biology:viviparous (probably matrotrophic)

Depth:780-1100 m

Max Size:105 cm TL

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