Spikey Dogfish, Squalus megalops (Macleay 1881)

Other Names: Dog Shark, Dogshark, Greeneye, Piked Dogfish, Piked Spurdog, Shortnose Spiny Dogfish, Shortnose Spurdog, Shortnosed Spurdog, Skittle Dog, Skittle Dogfish, Spiked Dogfish, Spikey, Spikey Dog, Spiny Dogfish, Spur Dog, Spurdog, Tasmanian Dogfish

A Spikey Dogfish, Squalus megalops, off Ansons Bay, SE Tasmania, December 2016, depth about 80 m. Source: lachlanf / iNaturalist.org. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A schooling species found near the bottom.

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Spikey Dogfish, Squalus megalops (Macleay 1881)

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Known from tropical to temperate waters of Australia, from off Townsville, QLD, to off the North West Shelf, WA.

Elsewhere, with a discontinuous distribution - eastern South Atlantic, south-west Indian Ocean, west tropical Pacific.


Common prey items include a variety of bony fishes, other sharks and invertebrates (crustaceans, hard-shelled molluscs, cepahlopod molluscs, polychaete worms and brittlestars).


Ovoviviparous (aplacental viviparous), with 1-6 pups per litter 1-6 (usually two or three).

Species Citation

Acanthias megalops Macleay 1881, Proc. Linn. Soc. N. S. W. 1 6(2): 367. Type locality: Port Jackson, New South Wales.


Dianne J. Bray

Spikey Dogfish, Squalus megalops (Macleay 1881)


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CAAB Code:37020006

Behaviour:Schooling species

Biology:Aplacental viviparous

Conservation:IUCN: Data Deficient

Depth:1–580 m

Max Size:75 cm TL

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