Freshwater Herring, Potamalosa richmondia (Macleay 1879)

Other Names: Australian Freshwater Herring, Nepean Herring

Freshwater Herring, Potamalosa richmondia. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

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Freshwater Herring, Potamalosa richmondia (Macleay 1879)

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Known only from Richmond River, NSW (28°50’S) to Mallacoota, VIC; temperate; pelagic; usually inhabiting clear, moderately flowing rivers and streams but also found in sluggish lowland rivers, estuaries and possibly also in marine waters.


D 15-18; A 15-17; P 15-19; V 8
Slender, compressed body; ventral profile convex, dorsal profile somewhat flattened; head moderately sized; snout elongate and rounded; eye large, positioned near dorsal profile; mouth terminal, upturned; lower jaw protruding, large; gape extending to about level of middle of eye; jaws toothless
Head and operculum scaleless; body covered with moderately large, thin, cycloid scales; scales form sharp, serrated dorsal ridge anterior to dorsal fin; ventral ridge also present; lateral line absent.
Single, short-based, triangular, pointed dorsal fin; anal fin small and low; pectoral fins elongate, pointed, positioned low on sides; ventral fins small, pointed, situated on abdomen; caudal fin well developed, deeply forked, lobes pointed.


Maximum size about 32 cm, commonly to 15 cm.


Usually silvery overall, with a greenish tinge (especially dorsally), and 2 indistinct longitudinal stripes below the mid-line. Fins colourless to yellowish.


Feeds primarily on worms, small crustaceans and insects.


Little is known of the reproductive biology of this species. Likely to be an oviparous pelagic spawner.


Fast-moving, schooling fish. Little is known of the biology of this species, although it may have a catadromous life cycle. Downstream migration to estuaries, presumably for spawning has been reported in winter months (July-August).

Species Citation

Clupea richmondia Macleay W.J. (1879). On the Clupeidae of Australia. Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W. (1)4(3): 363-385. Richmond River, NSW.


Gomon 2010

Freshwater Herring, Potamalosa richmondia (Macleay 1879)


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CAAB Code:37085027

Habitat:freshwater rivers and estuaries

Max Size:32 cm

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