Glasshead Barreleye, Rhynchohyalus natalensis (Gilchrist & von Bonde 1924)

A Glasshead Barreleye, Rhynchohyalus natalensis, taken in a deep-sea trawl in the Southern Tasman Sea Abyssal Basin between 800-1000 m depth. The red arrows in the lower right figure indicate the notch in the cornea of the "second eye". Source: Adrian Flynn, in Partridge et al 2014 Proc. R. Soc. B 281: 20133223. License: CC by Attribution


The remarkable Glasshead Barreleye, found in the oceanic "twilight zone", has bi-directed eyes capable of seeing above and below. The barreleye has a conventional refractive lens on top of its head to see predators and prey that are silhouetted against the dim light filtering down from above. It also has a curved mirror-like lens and retina that sees the flashes of bioluminescence from fishes and invertebrates to the side and below, giving the fish a much larger field of view.

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Glasshead Barreleye, Rhynchohyalus natalensis (Gilchrist & von Bonde 1924)

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Recorded in Australia from off Norah head to off Nowra, New South Wales. Elsewhere, the species is circumglobal in temperate mesopelagic waters. 

Species Citation

Hyalorhynchus natalensis Gilchrist & von Bonde, 1924. Rept Fish. Mar. Biol. Surv. Union South Africa 3(7): 4, pl. 1(1). Type locality: off Table Bay, South Africa, depth 135 fathoms.


Dianne J. Bray

Glasshead Barreleye, Rhynchohyalus natalensis (Gilchrist & von Bonde 1924)


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CAAB Code:37099002

Biology:Bi-directed eyes

Depth:250-1000 m


Max Size:18 cm TL

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