False Argus Skate, Dentiraja falloarga (Last 2008)

Dipturus falloargus. Source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: CC by Attribution

This species was previously referred to as Dipturus falloargus.

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False Argus Skate, Dentiraja falloarga (Last 2008)

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Endemic to northwestern Australia, from off Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, to off Melville Island, Northern Territory. 


The specific name falloargus is from the Latin fallo (= false or deceive) and the mythical Argus.

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Dipturus falloargus Last 2008, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper No. 021: 77 [derivation stated to be a combination of the Latin fallo = false or deceive + the mythical Argus, with Argus the Latinized version of the Greek Argos, which can be a noun or adjective and subsequently treated as an adjective by Last et al. 2016]. Type data: Holotype CSIRO H.5192–01 ♂, north of Exmouth Gulf, WA [21°29'S, 114°04'E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2020


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False Argus Skate, Dentiraja falloarga (Last 2008)


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CAAB Code:37031030

Depth:120-255 m


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