Smooth-snout Fathead, Onigocia lacrimalis Imamura & Knapp 2009

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Smooth-snout Fathead, Onigocia lacrimalis Imamura & Knapp 2009

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In the Australian EEZ - from the northern part of the Norfolk Ridge, south of Norfolk Island, Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Chesterfield Islands, Coral Sea.


Dorsal fin VIII-IX, 12-13; Anal fin rays 12; Branched caudal-fin rays 8; Pectoral fin 21-25; Gill rakers 0 + 4-5; anterior scales in the lateral line 2-4 with a spine.
Head with a single preocular spine, gill rakers absent on upper arch, ocular and interopercular flaps present, and distinct antrorse lachrymal spines present.


The specific name lacrimalis alludes to the characteristic absence of distinct antrorse lachrymal spines in this species.

Species Citation

Onigocia lacrimalis Imamura & Knapp 2009, Zootaxa 2008: 24, Figs.1-4. Type locality: Northern Norfolk Ridge, Tasman Sea, 29°54.39'S, 167°41.05'E, depth 111-115 m. 


Bray, D.J. 2019


Atlas of Living Australia

Smooth-snout Fathead, Onigocia lacrimalis Imamura & Knapp 2009


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37296059

Danger:Venomous spines

Depth:110-330 m


Max Size:14.5 cm SL

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