Holcomycteronus brucei (Dollo 1906)

Illustration of the cuskeel Holcomycteronus brucei. Source: From: Regan 1913 Antarctic fishes of the Scottish National Antarctic expedition. License: Public Domain

A rare pale pinkish deepwater cuskeel with a blueish head, black margins on the dorsal and anal fins, and the outer half of the pectoral fin dark brown. The species has a rounded snout, a small eye, a strong opercular spine and an indistinct lateral line.

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Holcomycteronus brucei (Dollo 1906)

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Off southern Tasmania. Elsewhere the species occurs in waters of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.


Vertebrae 19–20 + 50–52 = 70–71; Dorsal fin 104– ca. 123; Anal fin 95–98; Caudal fin 8; Pectoral fin 18–19; Pelvic fin 2; Gill rakers 5 + 1 + 15; branchiostegal rays 8; pseudobranch filaments 2.
Body robust; snout rounded; eye diameter much shorter than snout; opercular spine strong; 2 median and a pair of basibranchial tooth patches; 7-11 developed rakers on anterior gill arch; pelvic fin rays flattened distally and somewhat thicker in males.


The species is named in honour of William Speirs Bruce, a Scottish oceanographer and leader of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902-1904), during which the holotype was collected.

Species Citation

Neobythites brucei Dollo, 1906, Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh 26(3): 177. Type locality: Weddell Sea, Antarctic, 67°33'S, 36°35'W, depth 2500 fathoms.


Bray, D.J. 2019


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Holcomycteronus brucei (Dollo 1906)


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CAAB Code:37228110

Depth:2705-4575 m


Max Size:31 cm SL

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