Variegated Lizardfish, Synodus variegatus (Lacépède 1803)

Other Names: Engleman's Lizardfish, Reef Lizardfish, Scaly-cheek Lizardfish

A Variegated Lizardfish, Synodus variegatus, at Lady Musgrave Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Source: Dave Harasti / License: All rights reserved

A greyish to whitish lizardfish with about six reddish to brown bars on upper side and across the back, with smaller blotches, and a whitish bar along lower midside interrupted by dark red to brown bars.

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Variegated Lizardfish, Synodus variegatus (Lacépède 1803)

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Northern Great Barrier Reef, to about Sydney, New South Wales, also the Lord Howe Island region and Norfolk Island in the Tasman Sea, and Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Inhabits coastal and offshore reefs and usually seen perching on corals or rocks.

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Salmo variegatus Lacepède 1803, Hist. Nat. Poiss. 5: 157, pl. 3(3). Type locality: Mauritius, Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Oceany


Dianne J. Bray


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Variegated Lizardfish, Synodus variegatus (Lacépède 1803)


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CAAB Code:37118023

Depth:5–60 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:40 cm TL

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