Pacific Jellynose Fish, Ateleopus sp.

A jellynose fish, Ateleopus sp. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial


A long, slender deep-sea fish with a soft flabby body, a large bulbous gelatinous snout with an inferior mouth, and a long tapering tail. The high short-based dorsal fin is situated just behind the head, and the long-based anal fin begins at about midbody and is continuous with the caudal fin. Jellynose fishes are usually brownish to dark brown or blackish.

Video of an unknown jellynose species filmed at at Cocos, Costa Rica, depth 1000 m.

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Pacific Jellynose Fish, Ateleopus sp.

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In Australian waters, the Pacific Jellynose Fish has been recorded from off north-western Western Australia and from the eastern Australian coast from off southern Queensland to east of Bass Strait, Tasmania. The species is benthopelagic on the continental shelf and slope in depths of 130-850 m.


Brownish to dark brown, fins usually darker.


Very little is known of the biology of jellynose fishes, although postlarvae have been described.


Although of no interest to fisheries, this species may be taken as by-catch in commercial fisheries throughout its range.




Ateleopus is derived from the Greek atelís (= imperfect) and pús (= foot), in reference to the reduced pelvic fins of jellynose fishes.

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Bray, D.J. 2022


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Pacific Jellynose Fish, Ateleopus sp.


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CAAB Code:37136001

Depth:130-850 m

Habitat:Deep-sea benthopelagic

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