Blackline Cucumberfish, Paraulopus melanogrammus Gomon & Sato 2004

Paraulopus melanogrammus CSIRO H3644. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial


The Blackline Cucumberfish can be recognized by coloration alone from other Australian Paraulopus. It is the only species in which the leading edge of the dorsal fin is black. In other species, black pigmentation on the dorsal fin is confined to the dorsal margin.This species Displays sexual dichromatism, displayed in this species in the pigmentation of the dorsal, pelvic and probably caudal fins, the most obvious feature distinguishing males and females is the dark banding on the pelvic fin of males, which is absent in females.

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Blackline Cucumberfish, Paraulopus melanogrammus Gomon & Sato 2004

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184–606 m

Max Length Australia



Known only from eastern Australia, from just north of Townsville, Queensland (17° 48´ S) to Newcastle, New South Wales (32° 50´ S), in depths of 184-606 m.


Pectoral-fin rays 15-17 (usually 16); vertebrae 47-49 (usually 48); gill rakers 4-5 + 15-17 (usually 16), upper limb with 3 fully formed rakers and one or two rudiments; lateral line scales 47-49 (usually 48); 4.5 scales above lateral line; three rows of scales on cheeks; supraocular ridge above middle three-quarters of eye; eye large 2.5-3.1 (mean 2.7) in head; adipose fin moderately small, 1.7-3.7 (mean 3.1) % SL; anal fin of moderate height, 20.1-24.9 (mean 22.7) % SL; pelvic fin distinctly longer than pectoral fin; dorsal fin with distinctly black leading edge basally and distally (juveniles) or along entire margin (adults).


Maximum Length recorded 243 mm 


Opalescent white with pale olive brown upper body, scales on nape and back with slightly darker margins; underside of abdomen and caudal peduncle posterior to interpelvic area tan. Dorsal fin white separated by pale grey and with distinctive black leading edge. Anal fin white. Caudal fin grey with white ventral margin, white dorsal margin basally on upper lobe and black dorsal edge on upper lobe distally. Pectoral fins translucent with slightly grey cast. Pelvic fins white with grey cast centrally. Male colouration as in females, but with black tip to dorsal fin and broad black band on pelvic fins.


melanogrammus, from the Greek melano, meaning “black”, and gramme, for “line”, in reference to the distinctive black leading edge of the dorsal fin in this species.

Species Citation

Gomon & Sato 2004 Records of the Australian Museum 56 (2): 196, Figs. 1-2, East of Rockingham Bay, Queensland


Tara Hicks

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CAAB Code:37120015

Depth:184-606 m

Max Size:243 mm SL

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