Largefin Lanternfish, Hygophum sp.

Other Names: Large-finned Lanternfish
The identity of this species is uncertain. Australian specimens most closely resemble those of Hygophum macrochir from the North Atlantic as described by Bekker (1965). H. macrochir is endemic to the Atlantic Ocean (see Hulley 2015).

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Largefin Lanternfish, Hygophum sp.

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Off Cape Howe, New South Wales, and off Eucla to off Point Nuyts, Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in the North Atlantic and South Pacific.


The specific name macrochir is from the Greek macro- (= long) and cheiros (= hand) in reference to the long pectoral fin of this species that extends to the anal fin.


Bray, D.J. 2019


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Largefin Lanternfish, Hygophum sp.


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CAAB Code:37122092

Depth:0-750 m

Habitat:Mesopelagic, oceanic

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