Greeneye Spurdog, Squalus chloroculus Last, White & Motomura 2007

Other Names: Blainvilles Dogfish, Blainville's Dogfish, Green-eye Dogfish, Grey Spiny Dogfish, Northern Dogfish, Northern Spiny Dogfish, Shortspine Spurdog, Shortspine Spurdog, Spikey Dogfish, Spiny Dogfish

A Greeneye Spurdog, Squalus chloroculus. Source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: CC BY Attribution


A medium sized dogfish with a broad, pointed snout. Grey on the dorsal surface and pale on the ventral surface. Notable for a dark marginal bar above the posterior notch of the caudal fin. Very similar to Squalus montalbani both species where previously incorrectly grouped as Squalus mitsukurii.

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Greeneye Spurdog, Squalus chloroculus Last, White & Motomura 2007

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Endemic to southern Australia from off Ulladulla, NSW, to the Great Australian Bight, WA.


Medium sized dogfish with a broad, pointed snout. With a short caudal fin notable for a dark marginal bar above the posterior notch. Small second dorsal fin, Similar blade like teeth in the Upper and Lower jaw and lacking white spots. This first dorsal fin spine smaller than the second.


A viviparous (aplacental) species. Males mature at 68 cm TL.

Species Citation

Squalus chloroculus Last,  White & Motomura, 2007, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper 14: 47, figs 6-10. Type locality: off Portland, VIC [38°S, 141°E]. 


Bray D.J. & Wood D.R. 2018

Greeneye Spurdog, Squalus chloroculus Last, White & Motomura 2007


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CAAB Code:37020048

Biology:Aplacental viviparous

Depth:216–1360 m

Max Size:99 cm TL

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