Robust Smallmouth, Nansenia ardesiaca Jordan & Thompson 1914

A Robust Smallmouth, Nansenia ardesiaca, from about 400 metres off Northwestern Australia. Source: Dianne J. Bray / Museum Victoria. License: CC BY Attribution

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Robust Smallmouth, Nansenia ardesiaca Jordan & Thompson 1914

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Recorded in Australian waters from off Perth to off Broome, Western Australia, and north of  Cape York, Queensland to off Ulladulla, New South Wales. Found elsewhere in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific.

Species Citation

Nansenia ardesiaca Jordan, 1914, Mem. Carnegie Mus. 6(4): 210, pl. 24(2).
Type locality: depth 350 fathoms, Okinose, Sagami Bay, Japan.


Dianne J. Bray

Robust Smallmouth, Nansenia ardesiaca Jordan & Thompson 1914


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CAAB Code:37097004

Depth:200-1000 m


Max Size:20 cm SL

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