Wasp Roguefish, Paracentropogon vespa Ogilby 1910

A Wasp Roguefish, Paracentropogon vespa. Source: Barry Hutchins / Western Australian Museum. License: All rights reserved

This species may be a junior synonym of Paracentropogon longispinis (Larson et al. 2013, based on information from Jeff Johnson).

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Wasp Roguefish, Paracentropogon vespa Ogilby 1910

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Shark Bay, WA (25º21´S) to Southport, QLD (27º58´S); tropical.

Species Citation

Paracentropogon vespa Ogilby 1910, Endeavour Series No. 1 23: 116. Type locality: 14 miles southeast off Cape Capricorn, Queensland, 13 fathoms.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Wasp Roguefish, Paracentropogon vespa Ogilby 1910


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