Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby 1895)

Other Names: Flower of the Wave, Flower of the Waves, Surf Fish, Surf-fish

A Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

A small silvery fish found in the surf zone with a distinctive deep head and anterior body that tapers to a slender tail base, pectoral fins inserted high on the body, usually two separate dorsal fins and a broad, silver mid-lateral stripe.

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Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby 1895)

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Recorded in Australia from Byron Bay to Jervis Bay, NSW, Kilcunda, VIC, and from Bald Head to Rottnest Island, WA. Elsewhere in the Indo-west Pacific (Taiwan and Japan).


Dianne J. Bray

Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby 1895)


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CAAB Code:37247001

Behaviour:Pelagic in surf zone

Depth:0-20 m

Max Size:7.5 cm TL

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