Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby 1895)

Other Names: Flower of the Wave, Flower of the Waves, Surf Fish, Surf-fish, Sydney Surf Fish

A Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

Small translucent silvery fishes with a broad silver mid-lateral stripe terminating on a small oval spot before the caudal fin, and sometimes darker pigment on the top of the head and opercle. 

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Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby 1895)

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Fraser Island, Queensland, to Kilcunda, Victoria, the Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, and the Recherche Archipelago to Rottnest Island, Western Australia; also the Lord Howe Province in the Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in New Zealand.
Forms schools in the high-energy surf zone around rocky headlands and along the shoreline; also occasionally in tidal inlets and river mouths.


Dorsal fin III-VI + I,10-17; Anal fin I,20-28; Pectoral fin I,13-16; Caudal fin 17; Gill rakers 9-14 (lower limb); Midlateral scales 42-55; Vertebrae 38-45.Body highly compressed, deep anteriorly (19-33% SL), tapering to a narrow caudal peduncle (17-24% SL), greatest body depth at vertical through origin of pectoral fins; ventral edge of abdomen reduced to sharp keel. Dorsal profile almost straight; head small (17-24% SL), rounded; snout short (55-142% eye diameter); eyes moderately large (27-42% HL), interorbital broad (27-40% HL). Mouth small, obliquely angled, reaching beyond anterior margin of eye, upper jaw not protrusible, ascending process of premaxilla small, fixed, dentaries greatly elevated posteriorly, forming scoop-like  structure; teeth minute, in single row, covering about half free edge of premaxilla; gill raker length about equal to diameter of pupil of eye.Two dorsal fins, 1st small, short-based, centered on back, widely separated from longer-based 2nd dorsal fin ; anal fin longer than 2nd dorsal fin, caudal fin forked. Pectoral fins short, inserted above middle of side. Pelvic fins tiny, positioned below and just behind pectoral-fin base. 
Body scales small, absent from predorsal and abdominal regions; lateral line absent; head with denticles frequently extending beyond jaws to top of snout. Pleural ribs clearly visible through the skin.


7.5 cm TL


Silvery and translucent, with solid, broad silvery midlateral stripe terminating in an oval spot before the caudal fin; top of head and opercle sometimes slightly darker than rest of body.


Extremely delicate fish, easily damaged by handling; can be locally abundant in the surf zone near rocky outcrops or along the shoreline, occasionally in river mouths, but infrequently caught due to rough conditions. Surf Sardines do not survive in areas with low oxygen concentrations.

Species Citation

Tropidostethus rhothophilus Ogilby 1895, Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 2 10(2): 323. Type locality: Maroubra Bay between Port Jackson and Botany Heads, New South Wales.


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Surf Sardine, Iso rhothophilus (Ogilby 1895)


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CAAB Code:37247001

Depth:0-20 m

Habitat:Pelagic in surf zone

Max Size:7.5 cm TL

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