Long-spined Anglerfish, Echinophryne mitchellii (Morton 1897)

Other Names: Bristly Frogfish, Mitchell's Anglerfish, Mitchell's Frogfish, Prickly Angler Fish, Spinycoat Anglerfish

A juvenile Spinycoat Anglerfish, Echinophryne mitchellii, at Blairgowrie Pier, Port Phillip, Victoria - photographed during the Great Victoria Fish Count, 28 November, 2015. Source: Charmaine Alford. License: All rights reserved

A very rare brownish to pinkish, reddish-brown or yellowish anglerfish with irregular mottling, and skin covered in long, divided spinules, giving it a brush-like texture. 
This species was previously known as Trichophryne mitchellii.

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Long-spined Anglerfish, Echinophryne mitchellii (Morton 1897)

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Endemic to coastal waters of eastern Victoria, to Streaky Bay, South Australia, including Flinders Island and the east coast of Tasmania to Bruny Island. Found in depths of 5-70 m.


Dorsal fin I; I; I; 13-14; Anal fin 8-9; Caudal fin 9; Pectoral fin 11; Pelvic fin 5.
Body short, deep, slightly compressed; caudal peduncle short. Head large; eyes small (4.6-6.7% SL); mouth large, upturned; teeth numerous, short, recurved; gill opening a small pore posteroventral to pectoral-fin base.
Scales absent; skin covered with close-set, bifurcate spinules, length of spines of each spinule three to four times distance between tips of spines (some spinules greater than 4% SL in large specimens);   each eye surrounded by ring of separate clumps of tightly-clustered spinules.

Dorsal fin in four parts, illicium (first spine), two solitary skin-covered spines, and elongate soft dorsal;  illicium arising on tip of snout, (17.0-21.4% SL), approximately equal to length of second dorsal spine, distinct esca absent, spinule- covered illicium terminating in cluster of somewhat enlarged spinules and sometimes few, elongate, cutaneous appendages; second dorsal spine above eye, narrow, not connected to head by membrane, usually terminating in tight cluster of spinules and cutaneous appendages (length 15.4-20.5% SL);   third spine on nape, connected posteriorly along most of its length to body by thick membrane; soft dorsal with elongate base terminating well before caudal; anal fin small, short base terminating below rear end of dorsal base; caudal fin rounded, outermost ray above and below unbranched. Pectoral fins prominent, arm-like. Pelvic fins jugular.


Beige, light pinkish-brown, yellow to yellowish-brown, upper part of head and body usually slightly darker than lower, with irregular, dark-brown to black mottling, especially on face and dorsal surface of head; face, dorsal surface of head, including dorsal spines, and soft dorsal-fin greyish in some specimens.

Species Citation

Antennarius mitchellii Morton, 1897, Proc. Roy. Soc. Tas. 1896: 98. Type locality: Lisdillon, eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Long-spined Anglerfish, Echinophryne mitchellii (Morton 1897)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37210001

Depth:5-70 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:15 cm


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