Argus Skate, Dentiraja polyommata (Ogilby 1910)

Dipturus polyommata. Source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: CC BY Attribution

This species was previously known as Dipturus polyommata.

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Argus Skate, Dentiraja polyommata (Ogilby 1910)

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Off Townsville to Rockhampton, QLD.


Dianne J. Bray

Argus Skate, Dentiraja polyommata (Ogilby 1910)


Rigby, C. L., White, W. T., Smart, J. J. and Simpfendorfer, C. A. (2016) Life histories of two deep-water Australian endemic elasmobranchs: Argus skate Dipturus polyommata and eastern spotted gummy shark Mustelus walkeri. Journal of Fish Biology  doi:10.1111/jfb.12891 Abstract

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CAAB Code:37031042

Depth:135-320 m

Max Size:37 cm TL


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