Tail-light Lanternfish, Lampadena urophaos Paxton 1963

Other Names: Sunbeam Lampfish

A Tail-light Lanternfish, Lampadena urophaos. Source: Dirk Steinke/Tyler Zemlak: BIO Photography Group, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

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Tail-light Lanternfish, Lampadena urophaos Paxton 1963

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Known in Australian waters from off Newcastle (New South Wales) and the Lord Howe Island region where a specimen was found amongst the stomach contents of a Blue-eye Trevalla, Hyperoglyphe antarctica; depth range 50-1000 m.

Elsewhere with a discontinuous distribution in temperate waters of the Western Pacific, north-central and north-east Pacific and the North Atlantic.


EPBC Act: Not listed

IUCN Red List: Not Evaluated

Species Citation

Lampadena urophaos Paxton 1963, Copeia 1963(1): 29, fig. 1.

Type locality: 5.7 miles north of Ship Rock, Santa Catalina Island, southern California, U.S.A., 33°32'N, 118°25'W, about 700 m over a depth of 850 m.

Tail-light Lanternfish, Lampadena urophaos Paxton 1963


Paxton, J.R. 1963. A new lanternfish (family Myctophidae) of the genus Lampadena from the eastern Pacific Ocean. Copeia 1963(1): 29-33 figs 1-3 [29, fig. 1]. Paxton, J.R., Gates, J.E. & Hoese, D.F. 2006. Myctophidae. pp. 508-531. in Beesley, P.L. & Wells, A. (eds). Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Volume 35 Australia : ABRS & CSIRO Publishing Parts 1-3, 2178 pp. [522] Paxton, J.R. & Hulley, P.A. 1999. Myctophidae. pp. 1957-1965. in Carpenter, K.E. & Niem, V.H. (eds). The Living Marine Resources of the Western Central Pacific. FAO Species Identification Guide for Fisheries Purposes. Rome : FAO Vol. 3 1397-2068 pp. [1963]

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37122095

Behaviour:Migrates towards surface at night


Depth:50-1000 m

Habitat:Epipelagic, mesopelagic

Max Size:14 cm SL

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