Western Fortescue, Centropogon latifrons Mees 1962

Other Names: Fortescue, Pale Fortescue

A Western Fortescue, Centropogon latifrons, at Garden Island, Fremantle, Western Australia, May 2019. Source: Glen Whisson / iNaturalist.org. License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial

A creamy tan fortescue with a dark blotch on the head and anterior dorsal-fin spines, a prominent dark brown band from the rear of the spinous dorsal fin to the base of the anal fin spines, and a narrow chevron-shaped brown band on the caudal-fin base.

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Western Fortescue, Centropogon latifrons Mees 1962

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Kangaroo Island, South Australia, to Kalbarri, Western Australia. Inhabits sandy areas and coastal seagrass beds.


Dorsal fin XVI, 8: Anal fin III, 5; Caudal fin 12.
Body depth 32-34% SL; head of moderate size, 37-39% SL; eyes 27-30% HL; mouth small, horizontal. Lateral line nearly straight.

Similar Species

Differs from the Eastern Fortescue, Centropogon australis, in having a deeper interorbit and occipital pit, a smaller and rounder mouth, and a narrow chevron-shaped brown band on the caudal-fin base.

Species Citation

Centropogon australis latifrons Mees 1962, Western Australian Fisheries. Bulletin 9(3): 28. Type locality: Cheyne Beach, Western Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2019


Atlas of Living Australia

Western Fortescue, Centropogon latifrons Mees 1962


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37287094

Conservation:IUCN Data Deficient

Danger:Venomous spines

Depth:0-10 m

Habitat:Sand/seagrass beds

Max Size:12.5 cm SL

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