Whitley's Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi Eschmeyer & Poss 1976

Other Names: Whitleys Scorpionfish, Whitley's Scorpionfish

Whitley's Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi, in Nelson Bay, New South Wales. Source: Dave Harasti. License: All rights reserved

A gurnard perch usually with 3 or 4 irregular narrow vertical bands on the caudal fin (tail).

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Whitley's Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi Eschmeyer & Poss 1976

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Endemic to eastern Australia, from east of Point Cartwright, Queensland, to off Gabo Island, Victoria.


Pectoral fin 19-22; Scales in longitudinal series 40-47 ; pored lateral-line scales 25-28; Scale rows between bases of last pelvic-fin ray 1-3; 2-3 scales above, 10-12 scales below lateral line; 2-4 scales between the base of the 6th dorsal-fin spine and lateral line; 3-4 scales between last dorsal-fin spine and lateral line; scales above lateral line behind head usually without a strong median ridge; central portion of inner ridge on ventral mandibular surface midway between inner edge of dentary and central ridge; an additional short oblique ridge (accessory ridge) between posterior portions of inner and central ridges on ventral mandibular surface; 3-12 spinous points on anterior margin of nasal spine, 9-19 spinous points on entire nasal spine; 7-21 spinous points on surface of preocular spine; numerous spines or distinct ridges on lateral margin of occipital pit between tympanic spine and origin of parietal spine base; a single ossified ctenoid scale behind front edge of occipital pit between tympanic spines; dorsal surface of occipital pit with several slender simple spines; 2-4 spinous points at tip of upper opercular spine; posterior margin of maxilla not extending beyond a vertical through posterior margin of pupil; snout length 6.2-7.9% SL, upper-jaw length 16.3-19.2% SL, first anal-fin spine length 8.6-11.9% SL, second anal-fin spine length 16.3-20.3% SL, third anal-fin spine length 11.4- 14.4% SL, caudal-peduncle depth 9.4-10.6% SL.

Species Citation

Maxillicosta whitleyi Eschmeyer & Poss 1976, Bull. Mar. Sci. 26(4): 439, fig. 5. Type locality: Southport, Queensland. 


Bray, D.J. 2018


Australian Faunal Directory

Whitley's Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi Eschmeyer & Poss 1976


Eschmeyer, W.N. & Poss, S.G. 1976. Review of the scorpionfish genus Maxillicosta (Pisces : Scorpaenidae), with a description of three new species from the Australian-New Zealand region. Bulletin of Marine Science 26(4): 433-449 figs 1-10 PDF available, open access (M. meridianus included in M. whitleyi treatment)

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CAAB Code:37287045

Danger:Venomous spines

Depth:1–82 m

Max Size:7+ cm SL


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