Bluespotted Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatus Hutchins 1977

Other Names: Blue-finned Leatherjacket, Blue-spotted Leatherjacket

A male Bluespotted Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatus. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

Males are pale brownish with prominent darker brown stripes on the head and following the curved lateral line on the body, and pale spots on the sides. Females are brownish-grey with a series of round and elongate pale blue to iridescent blue spots along the head and body, and torquoise fin rays. Juveniles are similar to females with irregular blotches on body, and indistinct yellowish blotches on the head. 

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Bluespotted Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatus Hutchins 1977

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Albany to northwest of Broome, Western Australia. Juveniles often associate with jellyfishes.


Dorsal soft rays 35-39; Anal fin 34-37; Pectoral fin 13-14; Caudal fin 12; Vertebrae  7+12=19. 
Base of anal fin longer than soft dorsal-fin base; caudal fin greatly elongate (0.7 in head length). Pelvic bony structure very small, immovable,  located about 1 eye diameter anterior to rear end of pelvis.


May be taken as bycatch in commercial trawls.


The species is named caeruleoguttatus (Latin: meaning 'blue-spotted') in reference to the blue spots on the head and body.

Species Citation

Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatus Hutchins 1977, Records of the Western Australian Museum 5(1):  28, fig. 8. Type locality:  Beagle Island, Western Australia


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Bluespotted Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys caeruleoguttatus Hutchins 1977


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CAAB Code:37465018

Conservation:IUCN Data Deficient

Depth:20-213 m

Max Size:38 cm TL


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