Bluetail Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys cyanoura Hutchins 1987

Other Names: Blue-tailed Leatherjacket

A male Bluetail Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys cyanoura. Source: David Muirhead / Marine Life Society of South Australia. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

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Bluetail Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys cyanoura Hutchins 1987

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Endemic to southern Australia, from York Peninsula, South Australia, to Dongara, Western Australia. Inhabits coastal reefs to a depth of 30 m, preferring exposed offshore areas. Juveniles have been found under jetties in coastal embayments.


Dorsal fin II + 31-35; Anal fin 32-34; Pectoral fin 12-13 (mostly 13). 
Body elongate in male, somewhat deeper in female and juvenile, depth 2.1-2.9 in SL. Lateral profile of snout prominently convex in male, straight to slightly convex in female and juvenile. Ventral flap small. Caudal peduncle without spines or bristles. Skin velvety to rather coarse. 
Dorsal spine moderate to long (1.4-1.7 in head length), originating over centre to posterior one-third of eye, and partly received by a shallow groove in interdorsal space when depressed; spine with small downward-directed barbs, barbs decreasing in size with increasing SL, becoming obsolete in large individuals. Second dorsal and anal fins elevated anteriorly in male, outer border concave; fins not elevated in female and juvenile, outer border convex. Pelvic fin rudiment small to minute, consisting of 4 encasing scales, located about one-half eye diameter in advance of rear end of pelvis.


Reaches a total length of 42 cm (36 cm SL).


Adults: head and body pale green, pale brown to blackish brown, covered with close-packed darker spots; dark brown lines and spots on snout and along anal fin base; mosaic pattern of dark brown to blackish blotches often present on side, or mosaic of pale lines only; 2 whitish bars usually present on throat (may be pale and difficult to detect in large males). All fin rays green, integuments of first dorsal and caudal fins bright blue in male, hyaline in female.
Juveniles: side of head and body with a mosaic of large dark blotches; spotting develops at about 100 mm SL.


The specific name is from the Greek kyanos (dark blue) and oura (tail), in reference to the blue caudal fin of the male.

Species Citation

Eubalichthys cyanoura Hutchins 1987, Memoirs of Museum Victoria 48(1): 51. Type locality: Sandy Hook Island, Recherche Archipelago, WA. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


Australian Faunal Directory

Bluetail Leatherjacket, Eubalichthys cyanoura Hutchins 1987


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37465055

Depth:4-30 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:42 cm TL


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