Threetooth Puffer, Triodon macropterus Lesson 1831

Other Names: Black-spot Keeled Pufferfish, Soft Bellied Puffer, Three-tooth Puffer

Threetooth Puffer, Triodon macropterus. Source: Ho Hsuan-Ching . License: All rights reserved

A yellowish-brown pufferfish relative with a large belly flap with a prominent black ocellus or 'eyespot', a long slender pelvis that supports the ventral flap, and teeth fused into a prominent "beak". The beak in the upper jaw is divided into two dental plates, and the lower jaw teeth are fused into a single dental plate.
Threetooth Puffers usually swim with the flap retracted, so that the large ocellus is only visible as small black mark on the abdomen. If threatened, the flap is extended to display the "eyespot".

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Threetooth Puffer, Triodon macropterus Lesson 1831

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Southeast of Shark Bay, Western Australia, to east of Sawtell, New South Wales; also in the Coral Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific.


Dorsal fin 10-12; Anal fin 9-10.


When the ventral flap is retracted into the abdominal region, the orientation and raised ridges on the lower scales of the flap form seamless surface on the abdomen.


Bray, D.J.

Threetooth Puffer, Triodon macropterus Lesson 1831


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CAAB Code:37468001

Danger:Poisonous to eat

Depth:30-300 m


Max Size:54 cm TL

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