Warty Handfish, Thymichthys verrucosus (McCulloch & Waite 1918)

Other Names: Warty Anglerfish

A Warty Handfish, Thymichthys verrucosus. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

A rare handfish with a variable colour pattern - usually pink or greyish with paler and darker blotches, spots and streaks sometimes forming net-like pattern, a mostly blackish caudal peduncle, and mostly pale fins with faint spots.

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Warty Handfish, Thymichthys verrucosus (McCulloch & Waite 1918)

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Endemic to southern Australia from south of Montague Island, New South Wales, to off Wilson Bluff, South Australia, and to Gellibrand Point, Tasmania. 


Meristic features: Dorsal fin I + II + 13-17; Anal fin 6-9; Caudal fin 9; Pectoral fin 7-9; Pelvic fin I, 4.
Body short, tapering, posterior half robust; belly frequently enlarged. Head large, depth greater than depth of expanded tail, rounded or slightly compressed in cross-section; eyes small; mouth small, reaching to below centre of eye; teeth tiny, narrow band in each jaw; gill opening a tiny tubular pore behind pectoral-fin base.

Scales absent;  skin smooth, covered in minute warts, lacking spinules; long fleshy filaments between soft dorsal-fin origin and gill pore and on upper base of pectoral fin; other areas of body and first dorsal fin frequently with smaller filaments.

Dorsal fins in three unconnected parts, illicium (first spine), spinous dorsal and soft dorsal; illicium prominent, based on tip of snout, undamaged lure 30-50% length of whole structure; spinous dorsal on top of head, of moderate height, anterior margin of first spine smooth; soft dorsal moderately low, lower half of fin usually covered with sheath of warty skin; anal fin of moderate size, below posterior half of soft dorsal; caudal fin narrow, rounded. Pectoral fin arm-like, tip directed laterally forwards and downwards. Pelvic fins jugular.


Occasionally caught by fishermen dredging for scallops.

Species Citation

Sympterichthys verrucosus McCulloch & Waite, 1918, Rec. S. Austr.  Mus. 1(1): 76, pl. 7, fig. 3. Type locality: St Vincent Gulf, South Australia.


Martin F. Gomon & Dianne J. Bray

Warty Handfish, Thymichthys verrucosus (McCulloch & Waite 1918)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37209001

Depth:5-230 m

Habitat:Sandy, shelly bottoms

Max Size:8 cm TL


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