Brauer's Dragonfish, Photonectes braueri (Zugmayer 1913)

Other Names: Scaleless Dragonfish

Brauer's Dragonfish, Photonectes braueri. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

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Brauer's Dragonfish, Photonectes braueri (Zugmayer 1913)

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Off Newcastle, New South Wales, to the Cascade Plateau, southeast of Tasmania. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Atlantic, western Indian Ocean and west-Pacific.


Dorsal fin 15-18; Anal fin 17-21: Pectoral fin 0-2; PV photophores 22-24. 

Body elongate, slender; snout short, blunt. Barbel with a black stem and a simple unpigmented spherical or ovoid terminal bulb. Pectoral fins without lumps of luminscent material. Postorbital photophore long, more or less triangular; anterior orbital photophore present; no large luminescent patches on head behind eye. Photophores in ventral row between pectoral and pelvic fin insertions (PV) 22–24.


Overall black without white spots on upper side behind head.


Melanostomias braueri Zugmayer 1913, Bull. l'Inst. Océanogr. Monaco 253: 3. Type locality: North Atlantic [39°19´N, 35°24´W].


Dianne J. Bray

Brauer's Dragonfish, Photonectes braueri (Zugmayer 1913)


Morrow, J.E. & Gibbs, R.H. 1964. Family Melanostomiatidae. pp. 351-511 figs 92-136 in Olsen, Y.H. (ed.). Fishes of the western North Atlantic. Memoir. Sears Foundation of Marine Research 1(4): 1-599.

Zugmayer, E. 1913. Diagnoses des stomiatidés nouveaux provenant des campagnes du yacht Hirondelle II. (1911 et 1912). Bulletin de l'Institut Océanographique Monaco 253: 1-7

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CAAB Code:37109031


Depth:500-2000 m

Habitat:Mesopelagic, bathypelagic

Max Size:28 cm SL

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