Yellowstriped Squirrelfish, Neoniphon aurolineatus (Liénard 1839)

Other Names: Goldlined Squirrelfish, Gold-lined Squirrelfish, Yellow-striped Squirrelfish

A Yellowstriped Squirrelfish, Neoniphon aurolineatus, from Holmes Reef in the Coral Sea off Queensland, March 2020. Source: Fenton Walsh / Cairns Marine. License: All rights reserved

A silvery-pink Neoniphon with yellow stripes along the sides, an orange-red bar across the top of the head and gill cover, a large orange-red spot at the front of the dorsal fin, a yellow pectoral-fin base, and white tips on the dorsal fin spines.

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Yellowstriped Squirrelfish, Neoniphon aurolineatus (Liénard 1839)

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Northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, and Holmes Reef in the Coral Sea. Elsewhere the species is widespread in the tropical Indo-west-central Pacific.
Inhabits caves and crevices on deep outer reef slopes, at depths to 160 m.


Dorsal fin  XI,12-14; Anal fin IV,8-9; Pectoral fin 13-15; Lateral­ line scales 42-47; Scales above lateral line to base of mid­dle dorsal spines 3½; Oblique  rows of cheek scales 5; Gill-rakers 5-7  +  11-13; 
Body depth 3.9-3.3 in SL; head length 2.8-3.1 in SL; lower jaw strongly projecting; dor­sal profile of snout nearly straight with  a break in con­tour above eye to a less sloping, nearly straight profile of rest of head; anterior end of nasal bone rounded; nasal fossa  large,  without spinules on  margin; preopercular spine short, about 1/3 orbit  diameter.
Longest dorsal-fin spine 1.4-1.6 in HL;  last dorsal-fin spine shortest, much closer to first soft-ray than to penultimate spine; third anal-fin spine 1.4-1.6 in HL.


Silvery pink with yellow stripes following scale rows; head silvery pink with an orange-red spot above posterior part of orbit and a broad orange-red bar passing from top of head across opercle; a faint, broad, light orange-red band from orbit to cor­ner of preopercle. A large orange-red spot  covering most of first 2 interspinous membranes of dorsal fin; tips of spinous dorsal membranes white, as well as anterior part of each membrane posterior to third spine; rest of interspinous  membranes  a  mixture of red and yellow; remaining fins pale red (Heemstra & Randall, 1985).

Species Citation

Holocentrum aurolineatum Liénard 1839, Rapport Annuel sur les Travaux de la Société d'Histoire Naturelle de l'Ile Maurice 10: 32. Type locality: Mauritius.


Bray, D.J. 2020


Atlas of Living Australia

Yellowstriped Squirrelfish, Neoniphon aurolineatus (Liénard 1839)


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CAAB Code:37261017

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:30-160 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:25 cm

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