Spot-tail Wide-eye Flounder, Engyprosopon grandisquama (Temminck & Schlegel 1846)

Other Names: Largescale Flounder, Mottled Wide-eyed Flounder, Spiny-head Flounder, Spiny-headed Flounder, Spotted-tail Flounder

A Spot-tail Wide-eye Flounder, Engyprosopon grandisquama, at Puerto Galera, Philippines. Source: Paddy Ryan / License: All rights reserved

An oval-shaped flounder with two distinct black blotches on the caudal fin, between the 3rd and 4th rays from the upper and lower margins of the fin respectively; males with a dark greyish underside.
Video of a Striate Anglerfish (aka Hairy Frogfish) eating a Spot-tail Wide-eye Flounder.

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Spot-tail Wide-eye Flounder, Engyprosopon grandisquama (Temminck & Schlegel 1846)

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Recorded in Australia from Fremantle, WA, around the tropical north to east of Montague Island, NSW. Found elsewhere in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific.

Inhabits sandy and muddy areas on the continental shelf.


Meristic features: Dorsal fin 79-87; Anal fin 59-65. Body deep, depth more than 50%SL. Pectoral fin short, equal to or less than head length.


Carnivore - feeds on crustaceans, polychaete worms, and other benthic fauna.


A study in Japan found that males were territorial and maintained mating territories during the spawning season. Some males even occupied the same territory until the next spawning season.


Commercially fished in parts of its range.

Species Citation

Rhombus grandisquama Temminck & Schlegel, 1846, Fauna Japonica: 4(10): 183, pl. 92(3-4). Type locality: Nagasaki, Japan. 


Dianne J. Bray

Spot-tail Wide-eye Flounder, Engyprosopon grandisquama (Temminck & Schlegel 1846)


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CAAB Code:37460012

Depth:7-200 m

Habitat:Sandy & muddy bottoms

Max Size:15 cm TL

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