Munro's Sole, Zebrias munroi (Whitley 1966)

A cream to pale yellow sole becoming white on the fins (including the caudal fin), with 9-12 very irregular pale brown bars with darker borders partly or completely crossing the head, body, dorsal and anal fins. The blind side is pale yellow.

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Munro's Sole, Zebrias munroi (Whitley 1966)

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Endemic to northern Australia, from Broome, Western Australia, to Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland.


The species is named "in appreciation of Ian S.R. Munro, Project leader of the Gulf of Carpentaria Prawn Survey, most of whose collections are now housed in the Australian Museum".

Species Citation

Strabozebrias munroi Whitley 1966, Aust. Zool. 13(3): 238, pl. 13. Type locality: Gulf of Carpentaria, QLD [17°32'20"S, 140°33'35"E].


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Munro's Sole, Zebrias munroi (Whitley 1966)


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Whitley, G.P. 1966. Notes on some Queensland fishes. The Australian Zoologist 13(3): 235-243 figs 1-5 pls 13-14 Ref available at BHL

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CAAB Code:37462039

Depth:0-200 m


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