Pterygotrigla saumarez Last & Richards 2012

Other Names: Saumarez Gurnard

A paratype of the Saumarez Gurnard, Pterygotrigla saumarez (CSIRO H 648–06, 269 mm TL). Source: CSIRO National Fish Collection. License: All rights reserved

A deepwater gurnard with very long pectoral fins, a large eye, a broad, thick coarsely serrated rostral spine and black pigment on the nostrils. The Saumarez Gurnard also lacks scales on the nape, the area before the pectoral fin base, the breast and the area between the pelvic-fin bases.
The Saumarez Gurnard is known only from deepwaters around Saumarez and Swains reefs in the Coral Sea, Queensland.

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Pterygotrigla saumarez Last & Richards 2012

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Endemic to tropical waters off Swains and Saumarez reefs in the Coral Sea, Queensland, in depths of 293-502 m.


Dorsal rays VIII (VIII–IX), 12 (11); anal rays 12 (11–12); pectoral rays 12 + 3 (12 + 3); pelvic rays I, 5 (I, 5); principal caudal rays 11 (11–13); lateral-line pores to caudal base about 77 (64–78); gill rakers (excluding rudiments) 6 (6–7); vertebrae 26 (26).


Maximum recorded  length 27 cm SL.


Dianne J. Bray

Pterygotrigla saumarez Last & Richards 2012


Last, P.R. & Richards, W.J. 2012. Two new gurnards of the genus Pterygotrigla (Scorpaeniformes: Triglidae) from Australian seas. Zootaxa 3195: 39–50 [43, Figs. 3-5].

Richards, W.J. & Yato, T. 2012. The tropical species of the subgenus Pterygotrigla (Pisces: Triglidae: Pterygotrigla) with description of a new species. Zootaxa 3484: 53-64 [61]

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CAAB Code:37288060

Depth:293–502 m

Max Size:27 cm SL

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