Imamura's Ghost Flathead, Hoplichthys imamurai Nagano, McGrouther & Yabe 2013

Other Names: Regan's Ghost Flathead
A rare ghost flathead with three broad orange blotches across the body, a yellow lower caudal fin lobe and sometimes a black edge to the anal fin.
Until the description of Imamura's Ghost Flathead, this species was called Hoplichthys regani in Australia.

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Imamura's Ghost Flathead, Hoplichthys imamurai Nagano, McGrouther & Yabe 2013

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Endemic to the Northwest Shelf of Western Australia, from off Point Cloates (23°25’S) to off Port Hedland (18°32’S).


Dorsal fin VI, 15; Anal fin 17; Pectoral fin 13 + 3 = 16. 

Snout short, preoptic (31.2–32.7% HL); eye large (23.8–24.7% HL); interorbital narrow, width (2.6–4.1% HL); teeth absent from vomer; gill rakers long, thin; spines on ventral surface of lower jaw; lateral scutes each with a single spine; free pectoral-fin rays short (13.4–14.9% SL). Males - first dorsal fin low, its adpressed tips not reaching origin of second dorsal fin; some elongated second dorsal-fin rays filament-like; caudal fin emarginate, upper edge elongated, filament-like.


Three broad orange blotches across body, lower caudal fin lobe orange; sometimes black edge to anal fin.


Food items of Hoplichthys species include fishes and decapod crustaceans.


Usually taken in trawls, although not commercially harvested.

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Dianne J. Bray

Imamura's Ghost Flathead, Hoplichthys imamurai Nagano, McGrouther & Yabe 2013


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37297003

Depth:200-300 m

Habitat:Bottom dweller

Max Size:14.4 cm SL


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