Ornate Galaxias, Galaxias ornatus Castelnau 1873

Ornate Galaxias, Galaxias ornatus. Source: Tarmo A. Raadik. License: All rights reserved

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Ornate Galaxias, Galaxias ornatus Castelnau 1873

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Widespread south of the Great Dividing Range in coastal, central Victoria between Cape Otway in the west and the upper Tarwin River system in the east, at an elevation of between 35-800 m asl, though probably found up to 1,000 m asl (absent from lower elevations in larger river systems such as the Yarra, Barwon and Werribee rivers. 
Inhabits cool, well-shaded, clear-flowing streams in small, moist gullies along mountain ranges (e.g. Dandenong Range, Great Dividing Range, Otway Ranges), and larger, forested foothill streams.



Prior to 2014, this species was considered to be a junior synonym of Galaxias olidus.

Species Citation

Galaxias ornatus Castelnau 1873, Proceedings of the Zoological and Acclimatisation Society of Victoria 2: 153. Type locality: Cardinia Creek, Victoria.


Bray, D.J. 2020


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Ornate Galaxias, Galaxias ornatus Castelnau 1873


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