Short-tail Tripodfish, Tripodichthys oxycephalus (Bleeker 1851)

Illustration of a Short-tail Tripodfish, Tripodichthys oxycephalus. Source: FAO / FishBase. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

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Short-tail Tripodfish, Tripodichthys oxycephalus (Bleeker 1851)

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Bay of Bengal, South China Sea including Gulf of Thailand, and Arafura Sea.
Inhabits sand and mud flats of coastal areas.


Pelvis wide between bases of pelvic-fin spines (5 to 6.6% SL), width 3.2 to 4.5 (usually slightly less than 4) in length of pelvis; caudal peduncle short, 19.2 to 23% SL.


Carnivore - feeds on benthic invertebrates. 


Dianne J. Bray

Short-tail Tripodfish, Tripodichthys oxycephalus (Bleeker 1851)


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CAAB Code:37464005

Depth:to 35 m

Habitat:Sandy, muddy bottoms

Max Size:20 cm TL

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