Melamphaes occlusus Kotlyar 2012

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Melamphaes occlusus Kotlyar 2012

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NW of Northwest Cape, WA (20°53′ S, 113°08′ E), midwater trawl. The species also occurs on the Madagascar Ridge.


Dorsal fin III, 16; Anal fin I, 8; Pectoral fin 15; Pelvic fin I, 8; Gill rakers (first arch) 22; Vertebrae 29 (abdominal 11). 
Haemal arch of the first caudal vertebra with 2 spines directed downwards and to the sides ('spurs'); pelvic fin originating beyond vertical of posterior margin of pectoral-fin insertion; anal fin originates beneath the last dorsal-fin ray.


The specific name occlusus is from the Latin and means "hidden" or "concealed", indicating that this species was possibly included with those of M. microps.


Dianne J. Bray

Melamphaes occlusus Kotlyar 2012


Kotlyar, A.N. 2012. Revision of genus Melamphaes (Melamphaidae): Part 4. Multi-raker species: M. ebelingi, M. occlusus sp. nova, and M. nikolayi sp. nova. Journal of Ichthyology 52(4): 247-254, doi:10.1134/S0032945212030022 Abstract(First published in Russian in Voprosy Ikhtiologii, 2012, 52(3): 279-287.)

Kotlyar, A.N. 2014. First finding of fry of the rare species Melamphaes occlusus (Melamphaidae) in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Journal of Ichthyology 54(1): 127–129. 

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CAAB Code:37251012

Depth:1500-1610 m


Max Size:12 cm SL

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