Malabar Snake Eel, Apterichtus malabar McCosker & Hibino 2015

Illustration of the head of the holotype of the Malabar Snake Eel, Apterichtus malabar, AMS I.19426-001, from off Malabar, Sydney, New South Wales. Source: Fig. 1, in McCosker & Hibino (2015) Zootaxa 3941(1): 49-78. License: All rights reserved

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Malabar Snake Eel, Apterichtus malabar McCosker & Hibino 2015

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Known only from the type specimens collected off Malabar, New South Wales, at 44–66 m depth.


Vertebrae 155-162.
Body depth 52-77 in total length (TL); tail 1.9-2.2 in TL; head 18-19 in TL; preopercular pores 3, pores in supratemporal canal 5; teeth conical, uniserial on jaws and vomer, vomerine teeth 6.


The species is named malabar in reference to Malabar, New South Wales, the type locality of this species. 

Species Citation

Apterichtus malabar McCosker & Hibino 2015, Zootaxa 3941(1): 67, fig. 11, 12. Type locality: Australia, New South Wales, off Malabar (33°58’S, 151°17’E), Sta. 3 Malabar Benthic Survey, 66 m.


Bray, D.J. 2019


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Malabar Snake Eel, Apterichtus malabar McCosker & Hibino 2015


McCosker, J.E. & Hibino, Y. 2015. A review of the finless snake eels of the genus Apterichtus (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae), with the description of five new species. Zootaxa 3941(1): 49-78. DOI:

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CAAB Code:37068057

Depth:44-66 m

Habitat:Soft bottom

Max Size:41.5 cm TL


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